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(2020-01-30) Talk at LSPANC 2020 in Kobe, Japan

My slides and the white-paper of the “Workshop on Large-scale Parallel Numerical Computing Technology” (LSPANC 2020) at RIKEN.

(2019-12-24) Talk about Octave at the University of Tokyo

This Christmas I had the honor to give a seminar talk at the University of Tokyo, which was organized by JSIAM.

(2019-11-22) Talk: Scientific programming with GNU Octave

At the Shibaura Institute of Technology I was given the opportunity to talk about GNU Octave.

(2017-03-20) Talk at the OctConf 2017 at CERN

The slides of today’s talk at the OctConf2017 at CERN are available here.

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