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(2020-06-17) Can git and Mercurial work together?


Many popular source code hosting services do not support Mercurial (in short “hg”). After Bitbucket announced the “sunsetting” of Mercurial repositories in April 2020, only good old SourceForge and GNU Savannah still support hg.

(2020-01-30) Talk at LSPANC 2020 in Kobe, Japan

My slides and the white-paper of the “Workshop on Large-scale Parallel Numerical Computing Technology” (LSPANC 2020) at RIKEN.

(2019-12-24) Talk about Octave at the University of Tokyo

This Christmas I had the honor to give a seminar talk at the University of Tokyo, which was organized by JSIAM.

(2019-11-22) Talk: Scientific programming with GNU Octave

At the Shibaura Institute of Technology I was given the opportunity to talk about GNU Octave.

(2019-02-07) Protect your server using fail2ban

While reading the system journal of my server, I noticed a bunch of evil looking entries and finally found in the Python tool fail2ban a satisfying but not an overall answer to the problem.

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