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(2020-08-17) octave-buildbot: Less painful Octave releases?


Since the minor Octave 5.2 release this January, I experienced that building and especially releasing Octave is still a difficult task. Even worse, due to some nasty bugs and the lack of a voluntary, skilled, and motivated release manager, the next major Octave 6.1 release got stuck for eight months now.

(2020-07-01) Boosting the Octave `hilb` function


Today, I read an interesting article about Hilbert Matrices in N. Higham’s blog and stumbled over these simple elegant two lines:

(2020-06-18) Testing the OctaveCoder

On June 4th there arrived an extraordinary mail by Hossein on the Octave maintainers mailing-list. To my knowledge he has not been involved into Octave development so far. He introduced shortly and convincingly OctaveCoder:

(2020-06-17) Can git and Mercurial work together?


Many popular source code hosting services do not support Mercurial (in short “hg”). After Bitbucket announced the “sunsetting” of Mercurial repositories in April 2020, only good old SourceForge and GNU Savannah still support hg.

(2020-01-30) Talk at LSPANC 2020 in Kobe, Japan

My slides and the white-paper of the “Workshop on Large-scale Parallel Numerical Computing Technology” (LSPANC 2020) at RIKEN.

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