The lovely idea to reproduce the easy static site building with GitHub pages revealed some drawbacks, I really have to work around them to keep the features I was used to.

  1. The nice filters of Jekyll 3.3 absolute_url and relative_url announced by GitHub I don’t get to work on their machines, while on mine everything works as expected.
  2. The nice little GitHub Octicons plugin is currently not supported at GitHub pages-gem. I tried to inline the generated SVG-files by hand, but this is a very bad user experience.
  3. I cannot highlight Octave Code with the default highlighter rouge. GitHub pages will not switch back to pygments, so I decided to create a pull request for adding this feature for the future.

So my plan is now to develop on a dev branch, generate the page really “at home” and just upload the static page to the master branch until my features are supported.