While working with alexkrolick on the new GNU Octave website, I got aware of Jekyll and do really like the idea of generating all webpages “at home” to avoid the overhead of dynamic pages, where the content is not likely to change that frequent.

I am looking for “more beautiful” ways to document things I do with and for the GNU Octave project. The current ways of documenting Octave code will be addressed within another post. Anyway, as noncompetitive summer of code project of mine the publish function was created and merged within the Octave core for the approaching 4.2 release. Here will be my playground to display the “published” documents and maybe some other things I don’t want to forget.

To create those “published” pages, listed on the main page of this blog, one can use publish_jekyll_md_output.m and some minor hacking into the code of the publish function.

  1. Type from the octave command line edit publish
  2. Create a new options.format in the main function.
  3. Assign the publish_jekyll_md_output.m to that new format in the subfunction create_output.