• Talk at the OctConf 2017 at CERN
    The slides of today’s talk at the OctConf2017 at CERN are available here.
  • Getting to know the MediaWiki API
    This article is a short introduction to the MediaWiki action API, in the following just called API. The API enables to edit and upload content to a MediaWiki by simple HTTP GET and POST requests, for example issued by the command-line tool cURL, without using the standard web interface.
  • Ignore drawbacks with GitHub pages
    The situation I described last year did not change, but I noticed that the extra effort required for writing a new post discouraged me to continue this blog. By returning to the usual GitHub pages workflow the situation might hopefully change.
  • A visualization of Bresenham's line algorithm
    Recently, I attempted to visualize the Bresenham’s line algorithm for a student of mine. See the Octave published code.